Dimensional Paintings

Recent Works



I am interested in the spontaneity and simplicity contained in everyday actions, objects, and materials. I find beauty and honesty in flaws and imperfections, and the inward reflection that these things lead to. I work with a growing vocabulary of thumb or tongue-prints, oil markings, self curving sheets, and wrinkles that convey an ethereal sense of place. These simple physical strokes are applied with minimal force, no matter how large the stroke or the piece.


In my current work I combine this vocabulary with the use of improvised materials to stretch the boundaries of abstract painting. The dimensional paintings combine traditional oil painting with translucency, creating light pieces that seem to come out to explore the space they occupy. The works in the “Sites” series look like topographical maps or twisted objects, but as the viewer gets closer they find only a drop cloth. In the "Another World" series the Elmer's Glue is twisted and shaped into folds and undulations that look inwards into itself. The material itself becomes the art object.




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Email: barbara@barbaravalles.com